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Digital Resilience Institute members have the opportunity to participate in the life of the Association and influence its development and new activities. Some of the activities endorsed by the Association are reserved to its members such as, in particular, the participation in expert groups set up to draft innovation proposals.

Who can become a member

Membership of the Digital Resilience Institute is opened to anybody – academic, government or practitioner – with an expertise, or an interest, in using new technologies to increase human resilience.  Entities, such as research institutions and law firms, may be admitted as institutional members.


Types of membership

The Digital Resilience Institute currently has two kind of members: ordinary members and honorary members.

Ordinary membership is open to natural persons with competences and experience in digital transformation to achieve social good.  Those wishing to apply for ordinary membership do not need to show that they have such competences and experience insofar as they: (a) hold a relevant permanent or a long-term post in relevant organisation; (b) have earned a PhD, or equivalent degree, in a related field; (c) authored several publications in the field of digital transformation; or (d) have a professional experience of at least three years.

Honorary membership is granted to natural persons who have dedicated their professional life, or a significant part of it, to digital innovation, and whose merits are generally recognised.

Application and admission

Those wishing to become a member of the Digital Resilience Institute are encouraged to fill in the application form available at the bottom of this page.  Application are examined by the Membership Committee. Applicants will receive an email from the Chairman as soon as the process is complete.

Membership duration

Membership of the Digital Resilience Institute is understood to last for an indefinite period. Members wishing to leave the Association may do so by written request.


Membership fees are waived for the the 2023-2025 period as the Association establishes itself.

Join the Institute

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