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We Are Passionate Change Agents

The Digital Resilience Institute was founded in 2023 to promote the need for increased human resilience in a rapidly changing world. It encourages collaboration between governments, academics and practitioners from across all of Europe to exchange knowledge on digital technologies, to stimulate cutting-edge research, and to support responsible, human-centered innovation. Ultimately the Association helps create a more resilient future for both people and the planet.


Being an Association enables us to deliver benefits that a single organisation could not deliver alone. We are a collaborative body with a strong international network enabling us to work across multiple disciplines including smart cities, defence, mobility, energy and more to deliver ethical and sustainable change that improve lives. 



Get to Know Us

Founders and Board

At the Digital Resilience Institute we bring together the best talent in the data and AI community to work together on ground-breaking initiatives under shared goals, with no departmental boundaries. 


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